The Conversion of Paul- Teaching Plan

Key Thought: God can change the hearts of others, even when we think it is impossible. He can change our hearts too! 

Lesson 5, August 3

1. Have a volunteer read Acts 9:1-20.

Image © Pacific Press from

Image © Pacific Press from

A. Ask what the main theme of this passage is. 

B. Why did Saul think he was doing God service by persecuting the church?

C. Personal Application: Have you ever hurt someone in the church, thinking you were actually helping God’s cause, only to find out later the pain you caused was needless pain? How did you make things right? Do you still need to make things right with someone you needlessly hurt? What is your plan? Click here for illustration. 

D. Case Study: Your teenager asks you on the way home from church, “What does it mean to kick against the goads?” What is your answer? 

2. Have a volunteer read Acts 26:9-11

A. Ask what the main point of this passage is.

B. Why is Paul telling everyone about his mistakes?

C. Personal Application: Your former grade school teacher is now a retired member of your congregation. She comes up to you today and says she is sorry for embarrassing you in front of the class when you were young. At the time you found the embarrassment very humiliating and kids even teased you about it years later. What do you tell her? 

D. Case Study:  An older lady in your Sabbath School class, says Saul thought he was doing the right thing when he persecuted the church, and as long as your intentions are in the right place that is all that matters. How do you respond?

3. Have a volunteer read 1 Corinthians 9:1.

A. Ask what the main point of this passage is. 

B. What does being free have to do with seeing Jesus?

C. Personal Application: Have you had an experience where you really saw Jesus like never before? If so, how did it change your life? Did your experience make any unexpected changes? 

D. Case Study: Your four-year-old niece asks you if you have ever seen Jesus. What do you tell her? 

4. Have a volunteer read Galatians 1:1 

A. Ask what the main point of this passage is.

B. What exactly is an apostle? 

C. Personal Application: What gifts has Jesus given to you, to help you spread the gospel? 

D. Case Study: A jaded elder in the church tells you he is leaving the church to spread the gospel on his own. He says Paul was not made an apostle by man but by God, and therefore he doesn’t need man either. All he needs is God. How do you respond to this jaded elder? 

Truth that is not lived, that is not imparted, loses its life-giving power, its healing virtue. Its blessing can be retained only as it is shared. -Ellen White, Ministry of Healing, Page 149. 

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