1: Creation and Fall – Discussion Starters

  1. Count the stars. Imagine how Abraham felt when God told him about the number of people in his inheritance. “Count the stars,” God said. Back then, with far less to block the view from earth to sky, the sky was the setting for billions and billions of heavenly bodies. Abraham was to be a key player the drama of this world in its early days. What was his primary role?
  2. Love, the foundation for unity. What words did God use to summarize the results of His creative work day by day? (“It was _____ ______.”) Then came the grand finale of this week’s creative efforts. What did God create on that day? What does your knowledge of how you were created do for you spiritually? What is the only foundation for unity?
  3. The consequences of the Fall. Imagine this earth in a state of perfection. Then watch as Adam and Eve stamp their feet on the pattern of beauty, and the natural world, even the love of brother to brother, vanishes. When God sees sin and destruction ruling on earth, He decides to eliminate the wicked. Only Noah and his immediate family are left after the mass destruction of the human race. How have you learned to accept this phase of humanity?  
  4. Disunity and separation. Yes, that was tough–the flood. But what’s that noise of pounding and chopping? Can you believe it? A new tower is being constructed. Why is it called the Tower of Babel? Will the tower be able to unite the people? Why can’t the human race stand together at this time? What was the result of cultures merging?
  5. Abraham, father of God’s people. Abraham was the spiritual father of what three great world religions? How was Abraham to carry out this responsibility? See if you can come up with four ways Abraham contributed to a heritage of Christian unity. 1) he practiced _______________; 2) he had _________; 3) he believed that___________; 4) he trusted in _____________________.
  6. God’s chosen people. If God doesn’t choose the strong and mighty for His leaders, who is He looking for? Did Abraham meet God’s requirements to represent Him to the world? What did the obedience of Abraham’s people to God’s law have to do with their prosperity through the centuries? What about you and I at the crossroads of earthly life?  

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons