Friday: Further Thought – Creation and Fall

Further Thought: Ellen G. White, “The Creation”, pages 44-51, and “The Call of Abraham”, pages 125-131, in Patriarchs and Prophets.

God’s original purpose in the creation of humanity is also reflected in the institutions of the family (Gen. 2:21-24) and the Sabbath.

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The Sabbath was intended for all humanity, as Jesus clearly indicated in Mark 2:27-28. In fact, its universal nature is seen in the Genesis account itself, when God set aside the seventh day, not only before the calling out of Israel as His covenant people but even before the introduction of sin. What a powerfully unifying force the Sabbath could have been if all people had kept it. It was the day of rest God intended to remind the descendants of Adam and Eve of their common bond to Him and to one another. “The Sabbath and the family were alike instituted in Eden, and in God’s purpose they are indissolubly linked together. On this day more than on any other, it is possible for us to live the life of Eden. It was God’s plan for the members of the family to be associated in work and study, in worship and recreation, the father as priest of his household, and both father and mother as teachers and companions of their children.” – Ellen G. White, Child Guidance, p. 535.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the Genesis account of the creation of the woman from the side of Adam reveal the close and intimate bond that should exist between a husband and wife? What does that tell us about why, all through the Bible, God uses the imagery of a husband and wife as an example of the kind of closeness He seeks with His people?
  2. Although the story of the Tower of Babel tells us that human ethnic and linguistic diversity were not part of God’s original plan for humanity, how can we transcend such natural divisions today? How can the church still experience unity and harmony even if it is made up of people of many nations and languages?
  3. What are some of the parallels you found between the calling of ancient Israel and our calling as Seventh-day Adventists? More important, what lessons can we learn from them that should help us to be faithful to our divine calling in Christ?

Summary: God’s original plan at Creation intended for humanity to live harmoniously and in unity as one family. The disobedience of our first parents caused an interruption in God’s plan. Yet, God called Abraham to establish a people through whom He can keep alive the promise of restoration that is found only in Christ.




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