5: The Experience of Unity in the Early Church – Discussion Starters

  1. Fellowship matters. Do you ever “go” to Sabbath school by means of an electronic video available on your computer? You are not sick or in pain, and you are not caring for someone who is…What you are doing is not illegal, but what are you missing when you leave Sabbath school out of your weekly life? Making Sabbath school a habit is a marvelous way to build a solid foundation of Christian fellowship and worship together in Christ. The result? Unity. Do you agree? Any examples from your experience?
  2. Days of preparation.  Before Jesus ascended to heaven, what messages did He deliver to His disciples?  And what was His call underscoring these messages? Put yourself in the disciples’ place at this time. Are you sobbing from grief at the thought of losing Him?  Or filled with courage by the promise of the Holy Spirit? Why did the disciples feel a sense of reproach over things they had said and done while Jesus was with them? How did these memories help them sense the privilege of showing their love for Jesus? What happened to their differences they experienced as they thought about the benefits of being at the top of the line?
  3. From Babel to Pentecost.  What were some elements that made the Feast of the Pentecost special in the Jewish tradition?  What did the people bring to God as a tribute to His leadership? Did the law of God play any role in this feast? If so, what? If not, why not? What did the “sound of a rushing wind” represent?  What unusual item landed on each one present? And what was the result of that object coming to the disciples as it did? What did all of this have to do with the ethnic groups that had formed since the Tower of Babel? What type of a celebration was Pentecost?
  4. Unity of fellowship.  Peter had just prayed earnestly for the disciples and the audience attending. When he made his appeal for a decision to follow Jesus, what happened? What was the message these people heard from Jesus that most stirred their hearts? When the audience asked for more information about the life and miracles of Jesus’ life, how did the apostles respond?  How did these new believers spend time together once they had made the decision to follow Jesus?
  5. Generosity and greed. Have you ever been financially strapped but touched by the need or a church member? How did you respond?  Did early believers set up a bank account to receive such gifts?  What did the rich man Barnabas provide? Why is the story of Ananias and Sapphira so painful to hear? If you can afford to give large gifts through your church to benefit the poor, will you do  that?  Do you think Judas has a problem selling his goods to give to the poorest members of the family of God? What was that problem?
  6. Remember the poor.  What was the connection in the early church between sharing their gifts with those in need and unity among members? Do you enjoy participating in a fundraising drive to provide necessities or build something needed by your church? From a large Adventist church in Loma Linda, California, raising funds to expand their worship center to thousands of small Adventist churches around the world, do you have a special interest in helping worshipers obtain adequate facilities. What happens to church unity  when such a project is a success and people are reached by Jesus as a result? 



Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons